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I've been a graphic designer and a front end web designer for a while now and have a lot of confidence in my design skills, but I can also help out with the back end too; I have gained a lot of experience in the past years working together with web developers building websites with css, html and php. So I have a good understanding when it comes to designing a site and making it work. I think it's essential to know how both ends work to make the job easier for both parties and to make it all come together well.

I have worked for Svensk Handel for various design projects, where I have designed their 2012 and 2013 Multicultural calendars, their Trend Report and their Inspirational booklet. It was so much fun and it fit me perfectly since I enjoy to learn more about different cultures.

I just finished SVUS (Svenska för utländska studerande A) course at Uppsala University since I always want to know the language of the country where I live. I think it's VERY important so you can merge with the culture and society, otherwise you are not a participant, just an outsider.pisture

A little bit of history:

Long story short, after getting my university degree in Uruguay in 1998 and working for other people for a couple of years, I decided to start my own company, with a partner, of graphic and web design, and vinyl decor: Capycúa.

Even though we had work every month, I felt that it was going kind of slow.
So after 2 years, in 2003, I decided to take a break and went to the US to study english for 5 months. My monther tongue is Spanish by the way. English was a pending case for me that I wanted to get done for a long time. It went so well that I ended up marrying an american/swede ;) - my lovely husband, Robin. We lived in the US for almost 7 years and I never went back to Uruguay; my partner is still runing the company there.

During those years in the US I had the opportunity to work for a great company, Business Credit Services, where I became the Image Director.

I left a long career at Business Credit Services in 2009 to dedicate my full attention to our daugther, Nioma. As soon as she was born me and my husband decided to move to Sweden... to stay for good.

Living in Sweden since 5 years I now have two beautiful daughters, Nioma and Alliana, with my wonderful husband. Now the little one is 2 years old so the time has come to start to work again. Although I have used my creativity for personal projects during my maternity leave, I look forward to work on new and exciting projects with new clients! I hope that you that read this will be involved in my next project!!

MY Philosophy

My philosophy? It's simple! To produce unique, innovative, interesting and fresh digital and printed solutions in a professional way. My work is driven by a belief that design should be experienced and not seen.

My philosophy is reflected in the design I produce.



Ingrid Ramberg, redaktör
Mångkulturellt centrum - Stockholm, Sweden

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Meta Troell, analyst
Svensk Handel - Stockholm, Sweden.

Ja, jag vet att du kan göra allt... More »

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Redesign of a website for a forestry company by giving it a modern look and following their logo color scheme.
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